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Epilepsy with startle myaclonis

Posted by @carlmoyer, Mar 8, 2012

My stepdaughter has epilepsy with startle myaclonis. Her leg jerks and she falls down. BANG. She has severly injured herself several times, is no longer allowed to drive, currenly has a broken ankle, walks around hre house on her knees, has gained many pounds due to inactivity, can barely care for her 2 year old and 6 year old daughter and is severly depressed, which at this time is a sign of mental health. Does anybody have this condition or know of someone who does. She has been under treatment for over 5 years, and nothing helps for very long. Her current insurance says they are trying to get a Mayo appointment in Arizona, but we have been waiting months for that. Would love to share experiences with anyone. Thank you.



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Posted by @jenifer, Mar 20, 2012

I was sent to Mayo Clinic at Rochester,MN and I got in to see a doctor the next month. I used to bite my tongue and throw my shoulders out of joint, and now I don’t, cause I don’t have seizures anymore. They are great doctors! I’d recommend them to anyone.!

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