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Posted by nancy82415 @nancy82415, Dec 2, 2022

Wanted to share how excited my hometown PCP was now that the clinic where I am seen has upgraded to the EPIC medical software system. I am a Mayo patient, which was already using the EPIC software, so now she has access to ALL my medical records at Mayo. Previously I would always provide my dr notes and test results to her so she would be kept up to date on my medical history.

No longer need to obtain CDs with images and make copies of my dr reports. I am so happy my hometown clinic upgraded to this software system. This also allows my PCP a closer connection to my Mayo doctors for any questions or concerns she may have regarding my care or if she finds something during my annual checkups. Also my Mayo drs can see how my primary health is. Not only is this so cool, it is epic! 😊

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We love Epic - our care at home crosses 3 clinical networks, and with the press of one button, the clinician can share it with all. Now if my Ortho and his office would just "join the party" - unfortunately, they are using a specialty ortho package developed many years ago.
In Texas, even departments within the same clinic use different software packages, so all records must be hand carried by the patient! Waiting for them to join the 20th Century.


Hi @nancy82415 I love EPIC too! I’m a Mayo patient and finally, my home provider upgraded recently to EPIC and I agree, it’s Epic! Information seamlessly shows up wherever it’s needed between Mayo, my PCP and local hematologist!
My husband and I are in Florida for the winter. But I still require regular blood work to let my transplant doctor at Mayo keep tabs on me. I was delighted to see the hospital system I use while in Florida has now also upgraded their system to EPIC. Instead of paperwork and faxing information to Mayo, my results were sent directly to my Mayo Portal! Love it! Thanks for sharing your experience!


I like Epic, too, but I am still making and keeping and obtaining hard copies of everything just in case. But, then, I'm a "belt and suspenders" kind of person. I don't want my medical information held hostage by some hackers looking for a payoff.

Loved your epic pun!

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