Eosinophil Esophagitis

Posted by jujazz2 @jujazz2, May 22 8:08am

Anyone dealing with nausea and IGE Esophagitis

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Three docs have suggested I have this. My diet is very limited. Have you changed your diet based on symptoms? Tried an elimination diet or at least eliminated gluten and dairy?

I am sensitive to chemicals in the air, new clothing etc. and was told my lung symptoms (burning pain, shortness of breath) after an exposure to, say, new carpets or paint, is actually esophageal. I have my doubts.

It sounds like you have had a biopsy. One thing that helps me is swallowing Flovent (normally inhaled) with a very small amount of water Of course the drug company stopped making it this past year. Budesonide works too.

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