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enlarged heart

Posted by @janeelen in Heart & Blood Health, Aug 29, 2011

I have hypertropic obstructive cardiomyopathy. I m wondering how Mayo Clinic can help me? Is anyone else suffering from this heart condition?

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Posted by @wcole, Oct 13, 2011

My wife has non-ischemic cardiomyopathy, I've been trying to find out if anyone knows of something that can help with her being so tired all the time. Possible vitamins?


Posted by @fishinglady, Nov 13, 2011

they have the best sugroens there. I had a 40 to 60 percent bockage and I Had sugrey for it. I am doing very well now in I had my sugrey. in early 2011 had my sugrey . I had a 50/50 chance with my regulare doctor. they are 98 percent sucsess rate.


Posted by @newmayopatient65, Dec 5, 2011

Jane- I am scheduled for surgery this month at St. Mary's. Fishing lady took the time to let me know the scoop about surgery/recovery and I am confident now. I will probably be a little more scared as the time approaches. I am dizzy, tired, weak, have chest pressure, etc. I sent my tests to Mayo and they plan on a septal myectomy soon. It gets rave reviews about the difference one feels post removal of any blockages. My heart is enlarged too. What I would do is send any tests you've had to Mayo and let them look them over. It takes about a week for them to call you back. They can tell you what they recommend you need. There are some films by professionals on enlarged hearts and some testimony films that say sometimes an enlarged heart is no problem. It may help you get educated. What I would highly recommend though is a work up by a cardiologist with a review from Mayo. Take care.


Posted by @newmayopatient65, Dec 5, 2011

Ooops... forgot to say I have hocum too. It's obstructing the outflow of blood from the heart. Those are my symptoms below.


Posted by @fishinglady, Dec 11, 2011

Hi. you will be scared. I was when i seen the surgen I cryed. The will give you something to relax the night before. You will feel a whole lot better when the blood flow is there. Don't be suprised when you wake up you have a tube in your mouth It kind of supprised me when I woke up and saw the nurse and my husband. They got me out of icu the next day and up sitting in the chair in a regular room. They will get you up walking as many times as you can to down the hall and back. They will even help you get up out of bed because it is kind of hard to do by yourself. Your back will hurt more then the front were they did the sugrey. They are very good and nice people to. they talk to you were you understand everything. I hope everything turns out good for you it did for me I didn't have to have a pace maker or defbulator at all.


Posted by @nativefloridian, Dec 19, 2011

So glad everything turned out well for you. My father had open heart surgery a few years ago and I remember how difficult the recovery was for him. It just took him awhile to feel comfortable getting in and out of bed due to the incision in his chest. He is doing great now, he is almost 80 years old! He was very weak, short of breath and had difficulty with easy everyday tasks (like taking a shower) because he would get worn out and so tired. The least amount of effort for 10 minutes caused my father to have to go and lie down and rest. He had a valve replacement and bypass done, he was long overdue for the surgery and definitely would not be here today without having gone through it. I am so thankful that he found an excellent heart surgeon in Sanford, Florida, close to his home.


Posted by @fishinglady, Oct 28, 2012

Well I hope your sugrey went well.. I am glad i did it.


Posted by @janeelen, Oct 28, 2012

I made a visit to Mayo. Brought my records & test results from my home cardiologist. Mayo reviewed them all and gave me 2 days worth of tests, they decided I am still able to be quite active for having HOC so at this time they do not want to cut the obstruction out. I have to see their cardiologist every year for re-evaluation. At some time it will need to be done, for now they think meds and my pacemaker are sufficient. Thanks for your info.

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