Endometrial cancer survivor, now think i have a brain tumor.

Posted by 123cheryl @123cheryl, Aug 4, 2018

Hello, Cheryl here, went through chemo and radiation in 2017 for reoccuring cancer, after radical hysterectomy to remove cancer in 2012 for endometrial cancer. Now i am having symptoms of brain tumor, sharp stabbing pain (not a headache) in right side of head and right hand keeps going numb. Have an appointment for regular follow up at Mayo in Rochester on 8-13-18, but know I need to see a specialst. Called the doctor I seen last and asked for help getting to right specialist and they will try to get back to me next Monday. I see in researching this could have been caused by my radiation treatments. The sharp pains are constant and I do not know if I should wait until the 13th or go to my oncologist here in DesMoines right away? Any suggestions would be welcomed.

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PLEASE be careful with the opinion of the Brain Tumor. My son had that ans was told 2 months to a year to live. 5 surgeons from around the Country were contacted for their 2nd op. only one of the 5 stated NOT TO DO THE SURGERY. We chose the surgeon we thought was the best. Traveled to Chicago for the surgery doctor open his skull and took samples and sent to Pathology. They came back and said, NO CANCER. Dr. said there must be, here is another sample. STILL Pathology stated, NO CANCER. Now he has to deal with the potential seizures and MS from the surgery. Please be careful. These were learned men.


@123cheryl Many things other than cancer or a brain tumor can cause the symptoms you related. Since you are so concerned and have such a history, I would also make an appointment with your Des Moines oncologist. You may not be able to get in there sooner, but you will know that you have done all you can at this point. Hopefully this is something less invasive that can be cured or managed with relative ease. Blessings.


Hi, @123cheryl — I can hear the concern in your post, and it's certainly understandable. Having gone through one type of cancer and wondering if you have another must be very worrisome. It does sound like you are taking some good steps to make sure these symptoms are addressed.

Here is some Mayo Clinic information on brain tumors you may find useful: https://mayocl.in/2yQBzO0.

I thought it might be helpful to move your post to the Brain Tumor group where there is a lot of expertise on them. I'd like to introduce you to some members who have had a brain tumor (of various types) themselves or experienced it with a loved one for their input on your sharp, stabbing pain in your head and hand numbness, as well as whether you should try and be seen earlier. Please meet @IndianaScott @lmp1 @audrapopp @dnonnie @morock77 and @cynaburst.

In the meantime, while you await the call back next Monday, have you found anything that eases your pain at all?


Hi @123cheryl… Ever since I fell and broke my Vertabrae – I had that fixed and came home and fell again, they thought i might be having seizures. They rules that out and sent me home not to driver for 6 months. When I fell the second time, I went from Living room to Kitchen and did not even know it. I fell forward and hit my head on the hard floor and the stove. There was blood everywhere. Since then I get sharp pains in my head on the left side. My doctor keeps telling me I have a nerve which runs from my eye to the top of my head. I finally made an appt to see a neurologist. I think he wanted to say I have very bad headaches and gave me some pills to take. Do any of these doctors know what they are doing any longer One year and no solid diagnosis, but I am on every possible drug. No Narcodics. Maybe I should accept the Narcodics and take then until they discover a new cure, for. They say don't know exactly what is causing this in your blood. But, lets WAIT and see your numbers in a yer. My gosh, I think many on here could qualify as doctors. We seem to know more than they do. Soon whatever it is will show its ugly head and the doctors will say, Oh I wish we could have caught this sooner. Ya Right


It sounds like you need to see a neurologist to figure out what is going on. Maybe you should start by calling your primary care doc and asking for a neurologist referral. There could be many things causing it. You probably need to have a scan or two before you start jumping to conclusions.

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