End stagecirrosis of the liver

Posted by handywoman43 @handywoman43, Mar 14, 2017

My48 year old son was diagnosed with end stage cirrhosis of the liver 6 wks ago. Just found out about 1 wk ago. We are headed to MN from TX now. There tomorrow. What can we all expect from now thru the end. Synthoms etc
Any help needed/apreciated

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Dear @handywoman43, I can understand how frightening this must be for you. I’ll share a little bit with you from my personal experience, and hopefully it will help a little bit. I assume that by MN you mean Mayo?
The term that you used ‘end stage cirrhosis’ is sometimes used to mean different things by some professionals and also us nonprofessionals. It is alarming to hear. . Cirrhosis is a term for inflammation, and there can be a lot of causes for developing cirrhosis. Depending on the cause, there might be treatment. The symptoms for cirrhosis are pretty much the same for all of the liver diseases. there is much information on this Mayo link: http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/cirrhosis/home/ovc-20187218
Your son will probably go thru a series of tests that will help to diagnose the cause, and to determine what to do for him. The doctors and nurses will be able to explain things and answer questions. They encourage patients to bring someone along, so take a notebook or paper to write things on, too. Because it is so easy to forget.
Do you have an appointment?
I hope you can get a good night sleep. You will be in good hands!
I will be thinking of you. I’m here if you have any questions. Let me know how things work out.


@handywoman43 We are wishing you and son all the best! Keep in touch and let us know how it is going for him. Teresa


Dear @handywoman43,

I cannot begin to imagine how devastating this must be for you and your loved ones! I’m so glad that you’ve come to a welcoming, warm, safe Connect community to find answers and some solace; sharing with people who have been there can help.

After doing some research, I do agree with @rosemarya, that ‘end stage cirrhosis’ can mean different things for each individual; I’d like to ask @cherriann @karen51 @v1crew @mollyb1968 @wmoser2613 @ellgi @user_chcbc919c to join in with their insights, too.

I also thought you might like to get more information about MELD, or the Model for End-Stage Liver Disease, which is a reliable measure of mortality risk in patients with end-stage liver disease. It is used as a disease severity index to help prioritize allocation of organs for transplant. You can find details about MELD scores here: http://mayocl.in/2mYdn70

@handywoman43, please keep us updated, feel free to ask us questions. We hope you find peace and comfort, and wish you the best possible outcome in this situation.


@handywoman43 Your son is in my thoughts and prayers today. I have experienced the liver testing and cirrhosis diagnosis, and so he has a very special place in m y heart.


Hello @handywoman43,

How is your son doing? How are you doing? Please keep in touch and let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

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