Posted by dablues @dablues, May 18, 2021

Yesterday I had my Endoscopy/Colonoscopy. The results were as follows: Normal Esophagus. Z-line regular, 40 cm from the incisors. Normal Stomach: A single non-bleeding angioectasia in the duodenum. Treated with argon plasma coagulation [APC]. A single non-bleeding angioectasia in the guodenum. Treated with argon plasma coagulation [APC]. No specimens collected. They listed this twice.

Colonsocopy. Five non-bleeding colonic angioectasis. Treat with argon plasma coagulation [APC].
Diverticulosis in the sigmoid colon, at the hepatic flexure and in the ascending colon. The examination was otherwise normal on direct and retroflexion views.

When the doctor came to talk to me I was still groggy but he said to come to the next visit which would be July 23, and he would discuss the left side of colon, which he said probably has a lot of AVM's so don't know why that was stated but will do what he says.

Follow my regular diet he said. Am upping the Miralax to twice a day as he stated. continuing with a high fiber diet but might go back to taking fiber pills too.

Now to work on what is happening with my other problems of laying down and numbness in body and have to keep on moving to make it stop. That is ongoing and have had tests done from a neurologist and orthopedic Xrays.

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Hello @dablues

I appreciate you providing an update on your tests. It sounds like you are working well on coming up with answers to your many health problems. Sometimes finding answers is like a journey but it is well worth the time when you can understand the problem and realize how to treat it and/or live with it.

Do you have other tests upcoming?


Not at this time but I need to contact my blood doctor to see if I should go back on the iron pills. I've been off of them about 10 days or more now and when on them going to the bathroom I can't tell if there is blood or not since iron makes stool black. So I didn't know I was bleeding before the colonoscopy until the gastro did a culture. Right now didn't go back on the pills until I talk to him to see what he has to say.

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