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Posted by djbiggane @djbiggane, Aug 16, 2021

I had a horrible experience at the Emergency dept last night, I waited 5 hours to get a pain shot with excruciating spasms on my back, no IV just sat in a room on an uncomfortable slab, I had to ask 3 times for something for pain! So disappointed, don’t go here emergency!

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@djbiggane, I'm so sorry to hear that your pain needs were not addressed for so long. I encourage you to contact the Office of Patient Experience. They will want to know about this and how we can do better.

Mayo Clinic Office of Patient Experience
Phone: 844-544-0036 (toll free)
Email: opx@mayo.edu

Now back to you. I hope you've been able to get relief and some sleep. How are you doing? Are you back home now?


djbiggane Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I’m sorry to hear about your experience with the ER department. Please be assured that Mayo Clinic would want you to feel comfortable and confident about your care and your time at Mayo. I’d sincerely encourage you to visit the Office of Patient Experience website https://www.mayoclinic.org/about-mayo-clinic/patient-experience.

There you will find contact information for the individual campuses, and also a general email. Staff are available to discuss comments or concerns you may have regarding your medical care. Your experience certainly sounds like something Mayo Clinic would want to act upon.


It sure seems to put a stress on the Mayo Motto, "THE NEEDS OF THE PATIENT ABOVE ALL ELSE." I know my sister was left in a exam room for over 3 hrs, I wasn't with her or I would have been at the appointment desk, or calling patient experience in real time. However, with the pandemic, […], you have to have the full facts as to the what was going on in general in the ED, sometimes bad pain is pushed back by live or death emergency. This in no way defends their actions, but just opens up reasons for their actions, but I totally agree with going to PE. My pulmonolagist, Dr. Niven has known he was late for my appt, left his patient, came and explained what was going on and apologized and gave me an estimate as to his return. With a Medical facility as big as Mayo, things can go wrong, mistakes can happen…. just remember they are humans just like us.

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