Electrophysiologist speculates "Early beats"

Posted by wa34937 @wa34937, Sep 1, 2021

Weeks post ablation (fib/flutter) I've had several days where my heart rate from rising to late afternoon is high and mildly fluctuating leaving me fatigued and malaise. I have the Abbott chip implanted which ONLY reports fib and doesn't detect this. My MD is elusive post procedure and I am relegated to his PA's, read unhappy. The explanation offered is "early beats" Anyone familiar with it?

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It is my understanding that ablation does not always work. I was given the option of having the ablation procedure or getting a pacemaker with an AV node ablation. In layman‘s terms, that means that the pacemaker basically runs my heart. The AV node is the small portion between the upper and lower ventricles and when the node is ablated it stops contact between the upper and lower chambers so The pacemaker then does the work of the heart. This has been extremely successful for me and I have had the pacemaker now since 2004. I did have a changed in 2013 Because the battery only lasts for so long. In my opinion this is the best thing I could’ve done.

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