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Posted by Anonymous-aeaf6ea1 in Men's Health, Dec 21, 2011

I am wondering if narcissistic personality disorder is what causes this. Does anyone know? Also, how would a woman go about telling a man that he has this problem without alienating him? He is a very brilliant and extremely kind and generous man, he just has a problem with his ego. Is that caused by insecurity or not feeling loved? I am not sure. I know I would love the man to pieces if he would let me. I doubt he would want any other woman's attention, if he had me around.

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Posted by @bkane, Dec 24, 2011

If he has NPD, he will charm the pants off you at first - love bomb you. You will believe he is brilliant, kind, etc., but gradually your life will become a nightmare as he isolates you and chips away at your sense of self. The true narcissist is incapable of empathy and no matter what you do for him - in fact the more you do for him - the worse he is going to treat you over time. They prey on women who are kind, sane and willing to "love them to pieces". If you sense a "problem with his ego" before you are even in a relationship, I advise you to run from him. Fast.

Posted by Anonymous-aeaf6ea1, Dec 24, 2011

I appreciate your comments bkane. I think you are absolutely right.

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Posted by @jlmaxim, Jan 21, 2012

you are absolutely right

Posted by Anonymous-aeaf6ea1, Jan 4, 2012

Yeah, I know what you mean. I was preyed upon and learned my lesson the hard way. It is amazing to me how absolutely oblivious these narcissists are. Their reputations should be an indicator that they have serious issues they should deal with. Of course, they think they are superior to everyone else around them, so they ignore others' opinions.

Posted by Anonymous-97897834, Jan 7, 2012

This sounds to me that he has a lack of ego. Read When Hope is Not Enough and another book Love Without Hurt by Dr. Steven Stosny. Telling them WILL distance you and break their "already severe" trust issues. This sounds NOT to be egomania. This is ES…disorder.


Posted by @jlmaxim, Jan 21, 2012

I am married to a man with NPD. Nine years into our marriage and it has reared it's ugly head. Thanks goodness for a wonderful therapist. We've been in treatment a good 6 months or so but finally today I told him he had to leave our home. My heart is broken but I am sure that with time I will heal. I don't have much hope for the marraige. I need peace.


Posted by @nativefloridian, Feb 8, 2012

sometimes a separation and continued therapy for the one with the problem is best. time will heal your broken heart and maybe his will break too and he will begin to change when he sees the light. You will have peace.

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