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Effexor 150mg and Ativan

Posted by @nancy568 in Mental Health, Jun 28, 2012

How long is it suppose to take for the Effexor and Ativan to start helping for depression and anxiety. I wake up anxious, I cry in the morning before work and cry after work. Barely making it through the day while at work. Psychologist are so difficult to get into see. I'm trying to see a new one now. The last one, her and I didn't fit well together. I'm scared I'm never going to feel better. Today I called out

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Posted by @roxie43, Jul 10, 2012

Ativan kicks in within 20 minutes for anxiety and it's short acting. Effexor can take 4-6 weeks.
I am glad you are trying to find a new therapist. Have hope okay..


Posted by @meingram, Sep 26, 2012

I take 0.5 antivan at night for sleep. It is fast acting, also I take 225mg of exfeffor and 15mgm of Remeron. It has been 5 weeks and the depression is still present. How does one deal with tis weight loss, no appetite weakness and this horrible depression. Is there any refief or cure. Does it just keep coming back?
I feel the same as you. I have not cried but I just want to curl up in lie in bed for days. Does anyone have ant suggestions for coping?


Posted by @sparkygsp, Oct 3, 2012

i went through 3 years of hell trying just about every ssri, finally they tried a combination of nefazadone 2x daily and 2 clonzapam at night and as needed. It made a world of difference, not perfect but I can work everyday and dont feel like killing myself or anyone else.


Posted by @trytiffme, Oct 3, 2012

I am surprised people can take ativan for anxiety. All the benzodiazepines can really mess me up, and I take them for sleep aid. The side effects I got from ativan were drowzyness and addiction.

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Posted by @sparkygsp, Oct 3, 2012

effexor is the worst drug ive ever taken for an anxiety disorder, it did the exact opposite.


Posted by @roxie43, Oct 6, 2012

Hi Dear Ativan is a short acting benzo but kicks in within a half hour. Effexor can take four to six weeks.

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