ECG: Normal sinus rhythm with 1st degree AV block.

Posted by mollyb1968 @mollyb1968, Sep 16, 2016

I recently had surgery for diverticulitis. While in the hospital, the nurses were concerned with my heart which was being monitored for heart blockages. The ecg showed normal sinus rhythm with 1st degree AV block. Is this normal or concerning. I have the ecg but I do not see my cardiologist until April of 2017. Should I be concerned?

Hi @mollyb1968 I found a website from NIH that somewhat explains the AV block; If you take a look at the information on the website you will probably understand it a bit better. Even though your next cardiologist appointment isn’t until April of next year, if it were me, I’d give his/her office a call and explain your concern. They can probably access the hospital records (or you can mail a copy of the ECG to them) and they can probably put your mind at ease or at least have you come in earlier for your appointment. Best wishes to you and let us know how it works out!

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