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Eatting disorders

Posted by @suhcuddo, Apr 16, 2012

When I was younger I had two bouts with depressive anorexia. The first time I went approximately 3 weeks on coffee. With maybe a a couple of bites of bread every couple days. The second time I went a month I don’t remember what my ending weight was the first time but it was in the 70’s, the second time I dropped down to 73lbs. ( I’m 5′) I came very close to kidney failure both times. the second and last time I went through this was about 9 years ago. I’m now having health issues with my digestive tract and large muscle groups. I’m wondering if there is a connection, and if there could be other health issues I should be looking for plus, what can I do now to fix the problems? I am back to normal weight (110) and have been for about 6 years. I’m embarrassed to tell my doctor.


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