Early Parkinson Treatment

Posted by Starbright @gulfer, Jul 20, 2017

Hi All. What kind of medicines are used for an early stage PD and PD depresson? My mom is 70. She had hand tremor at rest and rigidty when walking. Dr just diagnosed her and gave pexola ER 0.375 mg. and Zoloft as an antidepressant. What other PD and anti depressants are used in early stage PD?Thank you

Hello @gulfer,

As I recall your mother lives in another country, is that right? I have never heard of her medicine, Pexola, before. Most of us in the States start off with Sinemet (generic name is carbidopa/levodopa). It is somewhat the gold standard by most neurologists here and is offered in a couple of different strengths. There are also some other meds that are used if the Sinemet doesn’t work all that well. Sometimes Amantadine is added to help with tremors or the “inner shaky” feeling. Depression meds vary of course depending on the prescribing physician and what seems to work best for the patient. If you check out the National Parkinson’s Foundation website, I’m sure you will see a lot of names of other meds used to treat PD. Keep asking these great questions – we all learn this way!


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