Ear Exercises

Posted by Chandy John @chandyjohn1, Feb 17, 2020

What is Ear Exercises? Where can I learn more about it?

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@chandyjohn1 Good morning Google them ear exercise . My friend said to me oh your rocks are rolling 😂 something like this


Hello @chandyjohn1,

When you say, "ear exercises" are you referring to exercises to help with vertigo, balance and dizziness related to inner ear issues?

If so, this type of exercise is called Vestibular Therapy and you can get a referral to a Vestibular Therapist who has been trained in this type of therapy. On Youtube there are also some exercises that are demonstrated. Here is a link to one for Gaze Stabilization. When I went to vestibular therapy this is just one of the exercises suggested for me. How long have you been troubled with dizziness?

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