Ear Cleaning Inflammation etc...

Posted by kellovestrees @kellovestrees, May 18 4:29pm

Had a clinic clean an ear out, then after said there was otis externa (the procedure hurt) the ear was sore for about a week after. That went away and they had prescribed me steroid antibiotics for my ear. This was 2 or 3 weeks ago. The issue arose again with sensitivity that lingers in my ear. I haven't used the drops I have heard mixed things on them. Though I wonder if I should? Or try something else? The irritation is not so bad… Suggestions?

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I would go with whatever the clinic (doctor?) ordered.

Trying to outguess them is risky IMHO.

I recently had an inner ear infection, and the VA doctor prescribed both antibiotics and ear drops. The problem went away, and so far things seem fine.

I probably caused the inner ear infection by doing the old "Q-tip" cleaning routine, although why it affected my inner ear is puzzling.

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