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Posted by @mrmark1 in Lung Health, Dec 10, 2012

I read a lot of things about the safety of e-cigarettes, including advice from a doctor from the MAYO clinic advising against using them as they are not FDA approved. Well, my goodness, are tobacco cigarettes FDA approved? Would seem to be a no-brainer that smoking e-cigarettes are much, much safer than regular tobacco cigarettes. I've read that there's only 4 ingredients in an e-cigarette, while tobacco cigarettes have over 1000 ingredients and counting.

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Posted by Anonymous-9a573434, Dec 11, 2012

Just wish I didn't need either


Posted by @mrmark1, Dec 11, 2012

I agree. It's just that it is yet another tool some may find helpful to quit. You can step down in strength until you hit ZERO. I just started and I'm having absolutely no problem with withdrawal. I plan to step down every couple of months until I hit the cartridge with no nicotine. For me, it beats the patch, nicorette gum, and all the other FDA approved things. These things have apparently been around for some years. A doctor I know, who quit 12 years ago, started the e-cigarettes because they are "safe." I don't understand the reluctance of the FDA or other doctors to at least say they must be at least much, much safer than tobacco.


Posted by @sismom1, Dec 11, 2012

Glad u r having good results with the e-cigarette. I need to quit anyway but especially with my other medical problems. Let me know how it goes.


Posted by @joa1, Dec 23, 2012

Hello I totally agree at least there is not any tar in them when I checked with the cancer society; their response was they felt the dangerous brand were the ones made in China because they contained dangerous ingrediants which I cannot remember. There is a new one named N-joy made in the U.S. which I am going to try. Remember there is a lot of money in cigarettes for political people. Good luck let me know how it goes What kind do u use and what is the cost? Thank u. Joa

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