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Posted by @dee5501 in Digestive Health, Oct 24, 2011

wanted to get some information on dyspepsia and connect with others that have had this or are still suffering from this. I am currently on medication for dyspepsia and have been told that it will take some time to treat, that it is a slow process.
It is controlling my life. I have nausea everyday and it prevents me from living my life.
Please help.


Posted by @nativefloridian, Oct 24, 2011

Just curious what medication you are on. Maybe they can give you a medication to offset the nausea. What's the cause of the dyspepsia? did doctor test for H. pylori?


Posted by @dee5501, Oct 27, 2011

Thank you for your reply. I am currently taking Prilosec and an anti depressant for the dyspepsia. They think the dyspepsia is caused by use of Advil. I have been tested for H pylori and it was negative. My doctor said if he ran test they would come back clean. I wish would run test, I dont understand how someone can be this sick for so long. something does not seem right to me.


Posted by @dee5501, Oct 28, 2011


Posted by @cocoteresahamiltoncom, Nov 21, 2011

I have had nausea almost every day for four months---I had my gallbladder removed 3 months ago but had the nausea before so I am wondering whether I should had had the gallbladder removed---no stones---just low functioning---I take Protonix for some heartburn, Carafate for reflux, a plant based digestive enzymeand xanax to sleep at night...Some days the nausea is better, but it is miserable and scary. I also have pain under my left ribs but have had numerous blood work and every test you can think of---all that shows is some inflammation in my stomach(gastritis) and I am totally frustrated too...


Posted by @dee5501, Jan 31, 2012

I feel the same way this is the most frustrating thing to have to go through. the nausea is a killer


Posted by @cocoteresahamiltoncom, Jan 31, 2012

Hi Dee
I am so much better...but I have to tell you the whole story and why I am better...The nausea was horrible both before and after gallbladder surgery which was recommended because my HIDA scan showed low function...I also have had pain in my left ribs and upper left abdomen for five years but absolutely no digestive issues until July 2011 right before the surgery in August...They did 2 CTscans, a small bowel study, an endoscope(showed mild gastritis, a colonoscopy, an MRI, an ultrasound of my abdomen and numerous blood work---all normal---Then in November I really felt worse than ever with the nausea and even some diarrhea (i also think I caught a stomach virus)---I thought I was dying and the scale kept falling from 118 to 102---I wasn't ever hungry and had nausea almost all the time ---sometimes was better at night...Then in November, they did a stomach emptying test and they foung I had slow stomach emptying (gastroparesis)---I changed GI doctors and my doctor changed mt whole med protocol...He put me on erythromycin, 40 mg. protonix in morning, 150 mg. zantac at night before bed, kept me on Carafate before meals(no longer on it). Then my naturopathic doctor gave me plant based digestive enzymes and probiotics...
I am soooooo much better---I don't have the nausea anymore and have gained back 14 pounds of the 18 I lost...I have a good appetitie and am so grateful for feeling this much better....I have read about gastroparesis and didn't think I had it because I never vomited with the nausea---not once---but I have a mild case...Please get that stomach emptying test....They tested me for diabetes and other conditions which can cause gastroparesis and all have been negative (thank God)---so I am hoping the worst is behind me...Let me know if you have any questions----blessings to you....


Posted by @dee5501, Feb 13, 2012

Hi Coco,
Thank you for the reply and all the information and sharing your story. What a nightmare you went through. I am so glad that you are doing much better. I will consider the stomach emptying test that is a good idea. I am feeling a lot better these days, not 100% my old self but not I was feeling.


Posted by @cocoteresahamiltoncom, Feb 13, 2012

I am so glas you are better too--I am able to eat almost everything again and although I have the left sided pain alot, the frredom from nausea has been such a blessing....the stomach emptying is such an easy and non evasive test so if you start feeling badly again, don't hesitate to have it----coco


Posted by @dee5501, Feb 17, 2012

Thank you again for the information. If I do start feeling bad again I will look into the emptying test couldn't hurt...... deanna


Posted by @holly12, Jan 28, 2012

i feel the exact same as you dee5501. i have stomach pain and nausea every time i eat. i also have reflux and chronic constipation. the stomach pain/nausea gets worse when i'm constipated. the pain feels like a mix between a burning sensation and nausea. how would you describe your stomach pain?


Posted by @dee5501, Jan 31, 2012

Hello Holly 12 I just have nausea and gas that is painful and annoying. I feel as though I am getting better since I have had to deal with this since 2011 but it just is not happening quick enough. I hate this Gastritis and can't wait to be done with it. Sometimes with the gas I feel like my insides are trying to get out, the pressure is terrible. It is good to connect with someone that has stomach troubles as well. Those whose stomachs are functioning properly have no idea what we go through everyday.

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