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Dumping in children with esophageal atresia

Posted by @jolanda79, Nov 19, 2011

Is there anyone who has experience of dumping in small children?
I have a daughter (22 months old) which is born with esophageal atresia. She has gone through Nissen fundoplication, a surgery to keep the food in the stomach instead of reflux to the gullet.
She is now suffering from dumping syndrome, which means that the food passes to fast to the small intestine, which causes sweatings, a need to rest and feeling of sickness. This was detected one year ago. In the beginning we had continuous feeding through gastrostomy for 20 hours á day with no other eating. We gave her corn starch five times á day, which we still do before every meal.
From this summer she has started to eat more and more by her self. We have stimulated hunger by decreasing the continuous to the half (7 hours á day, more concentrated). Now we have closed the continuous feeding since three weeks. She eats rather good, but she still has some trouble with dumping. The doctors or dietitians are not that experienced in dumping in children, so the advice from the health care is small.
That’s why I am interested to get in contact to other parents with children with dumping syndrome to be able to share experiences.
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