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Dry throat

Posted by @usharma1, Dec 25, 2011

Hi, I have been experiencing dry throat occasionally for several years now. It usually happens out of the blue and I am trying to determine what the cause might be. I have done tests but the doctors tell me nothing is wrong. I am 64 and have not had this problem earlier in my life. I am thinking this might be caused by allergies but I have this whether I am in Asia or America so not sure.

Has anyone else experienced dry throat that results in sudden coughing for a short period of time and what they have done to alleviate the problem? Any tests that would be beneficial?




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Posted by @margot, Dec 29, 2011

I just posted about the problems I’ve been having and I’m 62. This started about 4 years ago and is now chronic and worse. Have you been tested for Sjorgens? Even if it is that, nothing much they can do.
I can only tell you that I have to almost constantly drink something. I stay away from sodas and caffinated coffee. I use the Biotene products (mouth wash and spray) and something called GC gel, which is supposed to help moisturize. I am almost always chewing surgarless gum. Can’t say this really causes a cough, I find myself trying to clear my throat all the time. I hope you can get an answer cause none of the docs have helped me. I will warn you to possible see your dentist because this will lead to teeth and gum problems from the lack of saliva.
If you find out anything, please share it.

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