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Don't know what to ask my doc at my up coming appt. [...]

Posted by @skooter27, Oct 31, 2014

Don’t know what to ask my doc at my up coming appt. I have had High Blood Pressure issues since I was a child, they are still attempting to get it lowered and I am on 4-5 medications right now. Without my mess I am at and easy 209/136! That’s what it was last time I checked, did an echo and these are the results:

Ejection fraction is 57%

Left ventricular chamber size is moderately dilated

Mild aortic regurgitation

Trace of mitral regurgitation

Trace of tricuspid regurgitation

right ventricular systolic pressure is calculated at 35 mmHg (high)

If anyone has had these symptoms please give me some insight on questions I should bring up to my doctor. Should I ask about heart failure in my future, Pulmonary Hypertension, valve replacements, etc.? Anything, please, I’m a little on edge!


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