Donning and Removal of PPE

Posted by Z @zeiracorp, Mar 30 1:33pm

Special note – people don PPE (gloves, masks, etc.) and they think of how it is going to protect them.
Think of protecting everyone else too:

DO NOT handle items in stores then put them back on the shelf. ESPECIALLY unprotected items like produce. Touch only what you are going to buy, put it in your cart an do not put it back on the shelf after you handled it.

DO NOT wear your potentially contaminated gloves into another area or store. You will just spread anything that is on them.

Follow safe donning and removal procedures to get the most out of your PPE and prevent contaminating yourself or others.

These are for medical personnel use, but the methods apply to anyone using PPE:

How to remove gloves without getting what's on the outside of the gloves on you:

How to don and remove a N95 respirator mask:

PPE sequence for providers: (NO, the public does not need gowns.}

The above are geared toward medical providers, but you can take away the methodology for your own use, in how to fit and use a mask if you need to, how to safely remove PPE gear without contaminating yourself.

I am not a medical provider or professional and this does not constitute medical advice.

I would like to add that I am in no way encouraging anyone to buy PPE that is needed by providers. There is a major shortage and our health professionals need the supplies first. I posted the above instructional videos so that if anyone is already using PPE they have, they can get the most out of it.


@zeiracorp I was listening to the news and heard Dr Fuchi say this healthcare workers come first for mask
first but he did say we should be wearing them if we are sick and have a fever

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