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Does Whiplash Reoccur?

Posted by @kpfromdc, Sep 25, 2012

I was in a single-car accident in January 2010 and diagnosed with whiplash. Symptoms included neck and shoulder pain, and ringing in the ears. After eight months of chiropractic treatment, the symptoms were pretty much gone.

This past July I developed neck and shoulder pain along with numbness in my legs and arms. After seeing my primary doc, neurosurgeon and neurologist, no diagnosis has been made. In fact, I have conflicting suggestions from everyone.

I am beginning to suspect that this could be a reoccurence of the whiplash. The symptoms are very much like those from a couple of years ago, including the ringing in my ears. I was doing quite a bit of lifting for a few weeks prior to the new pain.

Is whiplash chronic?



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