Does anyone recommend an orth surgeon in Michigan?

Posted by juliebug57 @juliebug57, Apr 20 9:52am

I had a tkr a year ago. I had hyperextention of the knee right after surgery. The doctor advised waiting a year to see if it would correct itself. Really!!!!??? Now 15 months later the leg is so severely hyperextended I cannot walk. Had a second opinion only to hear that I need a complete revision. Has anyone gone to the Mayo in Florida or found a surgeon in MI.?
Thank You

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Highly recommend Grand Traverse Orthopaedics in Traverse City.


Andrew Ajluni, Detroit Orthopedics of michigan has done both my hip replacement surgeries as well as my partial knee replacement. I trust him and I believe you will also. Look him up and see if its a good fit for you. Good luck


For knees, Jon Hop from Shoreline Orthopedics in Holland, MI. He operates out of Holland Hospital and uses Rosa Robotics. He was recommended to me by RN friends that worked in the orthopedic department at the hospital.

My first knee, replaced in 2022, is pain free and does anything I ask and more. I hike, backpack, and do yoga. My second is a few weeks out and appears to be on a similar timeline. I think it is important that your surgeon knows your goals and values your input as an important part of the team. It is also vital to follow the medical team’s instructions on diet, rest, exercises, and have a knowledgeable and compassionate PT. Good Luck!

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