Does anyone know of arachnoiditis affecting the optic nerve?

Posted by lanieg @lanieg, Nov 8 1:23pm

My eyesight continues to deteriorate. I've been to ophthalmologists and optometrists. I've been through 5 pair of progressive lenses but I still see blurry and double. Other of my doctors suggest it could be the progression of my cervical arachnoiditis. Does anyone have any knowledge/experience with this?

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Hi lanie,
I'm so sorry that you're experiencing this problem from your Arachnoiditis. I am too. As a matter of fact, yesterday a friend took me to pick up my 6th new progressive prescription from a new Ophthalmologist that specials in Cornea issues and is also one of the few who is versesd on the effects of Arachnoiditis on our eye sight. It's too early to tell if my new prescription will be good or not. As I'm sure you know, so little is known about Arachnoiditis and how to treat the many problems it can cause. Research and treatment and medication and procedures are about zero. But, please hang in there Take one day at a time and I find it helpful to start each morning and end each day with "an attitude of gratitude ". To find things I will look forward to (like talking with a family member or friend, or watching a good movie or TV show, or looking at birds and squirrels going about their day in a comical, or beautiful way, etc. Then at the end of the day I look over various things and /or people I've interacted with and a host of other things – and, I give thanks for them all. I hope that somehow this suggestion is helpful to you. My prayers are wuth you.

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