Does anybody know any effective treatments for excessive burping.

Posted by boochie @boochie, Feb 18, 2017

None of the known medicine works. Burping got worse when I caught a cold. Had a hernia repair. Helped with the nausea, but did nothing for the burping. Not eating any greasy foods.

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Hi @boochie. Thanks for posting this unique question. Can you affiliate the burping with any other foods, or does it happen certain times of the day or night more than others? @dawn_giacabazi and @safetyshield, do you have any experience with this?


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There are so many causes for intestinal gas, and @kdubois' insightful questions will hopefully help you narrow it down. Mayo Clinic has some information on excessive gas and belching, which you can view by clicking on these links:

Here is also a discussion that you may wish to read and join in: (My Wife having problems with belching and angina), and perhaps @mimib, @success101 can offer more insight.

@boochie, have you see a gastroenterologist to rule out other conditions?


My 15 year old daughter had this problem along with stomach pain and sometimes diarrhea but initially it was just excessive, and sometimes painful, burping. She was eventually diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (different than inflammatory bowel syndrome) and GERD. Some meds helped but what really fixed the problem was going on a FODMAP diet. This eliminate diet helped her identify which foods were causimg the excess gas and abdominal pain. The best source I found for this diet is a book titled, "IBS: Free at Last" by Patsy Catsos. It is printed by order through Barnes & Noble. The diet is time consuming and difficult to follow but once you have done the elimination (2 weeks) you can systematically start reintroducing foods. I recommend the author's way of reintroducing foods by groups/categories. I did not have the book at first and when we reintroduced foods we did not learn what we needed and made no progress. Of course I don't know if IBS is your diagnosis but if your doctor approves, and you are healthy, I would think trying the diet might be worth a try. It is not advisable to live on the elimination diet long term because you miss a lot of key nutrients but that is all explained in the book which is written by a dietician. Good luck!

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