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Doctors' sequencing genomes and personalizing patient care

Posted by @akae, Jan 3, 2012

I found this link on the twitter rotator and I believe it’s a good link to check out.

There are three options for patients: 1. to have all 23, 000 genomes decoded, 2. the ones needed to understand specific diseases within a patient, or 3. 83 decoded to understand the effect of the drug administered.

I think this is an awesome idea.

It’s really unfair that patients experience side effects from drugs and need to take more drugs to counteract the side effect of the first…and the cycle continues until the patient is taking a pocket full of pills a day.

Now, will this mean that drug commercials will not need to have the warning:” This drug increases chances of developing symptoms that it is initially prescribed to treat and should not be taken if you have a disease in organs that are completely unrelated to the area that is intended for treatment”?

When I was prescribed Advair, Flovent, Singulair and then Symbicort for treatment of my asthma I was afraid to take them because I didn’t want to increase my chances asthma related complications. My lung function was already complicated and I didn’t want to undergo any more stress.

With this project patients will have a clear view as to how they will react and it is highly possible that developing problems in unrelated organs will be minimized if not eliminated.


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