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Doctor's make me feel like I am crazy....

Posted by @jbmall, Jul 20, 2011


I am a 36 yr old female who has for several years experienced ongoing odd symptoms. It started out with numbness and tingling down my arms. At night when I sleep, my arms go completely numb to the point it wakes me up. I had testing for carpal tunnel, negative. Had MRI of brain, negative. Then, the joint swelling and pain started, mostly my fingers and wrists, but also my hips. Doctor diagnosed me with “joint pain” saying until my joints show damage, due to insurances he wont diagnose me with arthritis. I was put on anti inflams for that. Then, in no specific order, I have dealt with dizziness, headaches, an inability to speak clearly, heart palpitations, tremors, extreme fatigue, heat intolerance, increased heart rate, and optic neuritis, facial hair growth, and I have not been able to lose weight for the past 2-3 years. Also right prior to the ON, I had 4 weeks of itching (no rash) along my jaw line from ear to ear. Symptoms will pop up and go away. I have had blood tests, (they only show low B12 and D levels, and a low K level) MRI’s of the brain and spine, all normal, xrays, holtor monitors, echocardiograms, nerve conduction studies, all normal. I have seen neuro, cardio, Rheum, my pcp, ophthalmology. They treat the symptoms, but can’t give me any diagnosis. I am currently on Sulindac, Atenolol, Xanax, muscle relaxers and vitamin supplements. I am to the point I hate going to see a new doc and explain everything again and again. I am not a med seeker. I hate taking anything at all but would like to start feeling more like me soon.



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Posted by @ntuckernator, Jul 20, 2011

Have you seen you ob/gyn and had your hormone levels tested? Quite a few of your symptoms sound like Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome (weight gain, facial hair growth, headaches). PCOS can also cause diabetes, which can in turn, eventually cause numbness and tingling in your limbs.

Also, quite a few of your symtoms sound like they could be migraine symptoms— dizziness, fatigue, tingling, not thinking/speaking clearly.

Hope this helps and may perhaps provide a new avenue for you to pursue on your quest to feeling better!


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Posted by @jbmall, Jul 21, 2011

Thank you for your posting. I have seen an ob/gyn and my hormones of course are normal. My thyroid has been checked and is normal. Sugar levels, normal. Everything, normal. I have been tested for everything under the sun. I get that my symptoms maybe several different things instead of one big thing, but I wish a doctor could tell me you have A, B and C and not D. It’s just so frustrating. I do have a history of migraine headaches but haven’t had one in a couple of years.


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Posted by @broken, Sep 16, 2011

Hi am a 30 yr old female and ive experianced very simular symptoms docs say its all in my head. Go to a chiropractor. It may or maynot help. I went and they found my tail bone was out and i did have a pinched nerve or 2 in my spine and he told me docs cant tell from mri if you have nerve damage. Med Docs dont like chiropractors so if u ask them they would prob tell u not to go. Its ur choice


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Posted by @maldonado11, Oct 25, 2011

I would definitely dis isdn the possibility of PCOS with your OBGYN. I also have many of these symptoms and I have PCOS. I also have CTS. I also suffer from migraines (various triggers). But don’t assume that all symptoms are from one cause. Some may overlap but as you have already do e, it doesn’t hurt to be thorough.


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Posted by @deliasanderson, Nov 29, 2011

low b12 with which you were diagnosed can cause all that and more


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Posted by @jenifwazie, Dec 5, 2011

Hi there. I sympathize!!!! I have many similar symptoms. After 20 yrs. Of sciatic pain I had surgery (over a year ago). After that I started having the same symptoms as you in my arms, along with frequent migranes, severe neck pain, heart palpitations…along with pain, numbness and weakness in
my legs, back and tailbone. The right side of my face feels like it’s asleep. All of the tests have shown I was perfectly fine besides some scar tissue from my surgery and some arthritis and buldging discs in neck & back. They say not enough to cause all my pain. I’m on gabapentin and it has helped a bit. I can’t afford to see any more doctors because I don’t have insurance & I can’t work. I wish you the very best. I hope we both find some answers!!!


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Posted by @anon89880224, Dec 7, 2011

Have you looked into thyroid issues?
And maybe look into polycystic ovarian disease.


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Posted by @anon89880224, Dec 7, 2011

Check into thyroid issues and polycystic ovarian disease…..


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Posted by @mcharliemc, Feb 14, 2012

Muscle relaxers and sulindac probably cause for your heart palpitations talk to your physician and if he says you are nuts get up and leave and find you are real doctor


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Posted by @bipstickle, Jul 19, 2012

just wondering…..are you on any cholesterol meds? I had to stop taking them because of leg pains and various other pains you describe…now my only problem in to watch for cholesterol going to high.

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