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Posted by healthcare @healthcare, May 9, 2022

I am on Medicare and see Medicare doctors. I noticed on my Bellin Mychart a note from my doctor that said that to not make an appointment for me with another Bellin doctor. I thought had a right to choose my doctor. I was not given a choice, nor was there a discussion with me regarding limiting my choices. Is this appropriate?

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Welcome @healthcare, It might depend on the type of Medicare plan you have. It sounds like you have Bellin Health for your Medicare health insurance. If it were me, I would contact them directly and not the doctors to see what your plan allows. They list a phone number on this page – You could also talk with Medicare to see what the rules are with your coverage –

Have you tried calling Bellin Health or Medicare directly?


@healthcare The doctor’s statement could be based on a number of things, like, do you have a complex medical problem or complex medications, or he/she feels that the other doctors would not be a good fit. Or, maybe the doctor really likes you and wants to be your main provider. So many reasons and they’re not all negative!


I would find that odd and make the doctor explain the notation. Most of my doctors are at Cleveland Clinic and if I, for example, make an appointment with an endocrinologist there, when I've already seen one there, the presumption is that I'm dismissing the current one and replacing him. I think that's CC's
policy for specialists only. But it's an attempt to keep all of my physicians in the loop about my care. For example, if Dr. A. orders a test, the other doctors are automatically notified when the results are in.

But I'd want to know about anything like the statement you found entered in your medical record. If it's because the physician believes she or he is automatically your new PCP, you need to know that and hoe to make a change if you decide to.

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