Do you Guys Know Any Best OBG/YN?

Posted by jasonkeeler @jasonkeeler, Nov 7, 2022

My question is to the Texas Residents if anybody is up there, My wife is pregnant for the last 5 months I need suggestions from you about who is the best OBGYN in Texas.

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Can’t help you out in Texas but I feel the need to find the best doctors one is able to find. Good Luck 🍀

Similarly, if anyone could refer me to a great OBGYN in the Albany NY area I will pass the information on to my daughter.



I suggest you ask other pregnant women or women who have young babies in your area. Friends, co-workers, family members, etc… They have 1st hand knowledge and recent experience. And you might ask about pedestrians also, in few months you will need that information also. Then check with insurance company to see who is in network. Or maybe start with your insurance company.


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