Do you also have Costochondritis? Does your MAC exacerbate it?

Posted by healthybon @healthybon, Oct 5 5:55pm

I am trying to figure out why my Costochondritis is so bad now. Is it from the MAC, or could it be from my spinal stenosis and degenerative cervical disc disease? Anybody know?

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@healthybon Bon –
Costochondritis can have a lot of contributing factors, but we on Connect are not qualified to diagnose it for you.
Is it relieved by heat, ice a warm bath or shower? Have you tried gentle stretching exercises to loosen the tight muscles in you chest, back & neck?
What do your doctors say?


Hi Sue, thanks for the input! I have been using ice, heat, hot showers…etc. I have had costo for years, but I suspect that coughing on a daily basis when I huff up stuff is aggravating it.
I have called the nurse at dr swenson's office and am awaiting a call back re: the AFB and the costo.
Thank you. Bon


I have had bad bouts of costochondritis for over a decade and then I heard an interview with this man on a medical podcast and then watched his YouTube videos and I use the back pod for a couple of minutes every other day and haven’t had a bout in over a year


I have had costochondritis for years, but these days it’s very painful even more and chronic, and when it’s flaring I feel breathless, but when it is NOT, I do not feel breathless. Does anyone have this, and if so do you think there is a connection with our Lung Issues, OR do you think it could be worse because of the huffing and coughing (for ACT)((every day that aggravates it? The ribs mid upper chest hurt and sore…….but worse than in the past. I feel very discouraged. It seems there’s always something to deal with these days.
I asked DR. Swenson to do a chest CT, just to make sure that my BX is stable etc….no answer yet.
I feel like since I got these lung issues, it’s one thing after the other with some physical problem, and I’m tired of it.

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