Do moles usually go away if they aren't inborn??

Posted by aja675 @aja675, Apr 14, 2019

'Cause I have two moles that aren't inborn, and while they don't look cancerous, they make me feel ugly and I wish they'd go away.

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Hi @aja675 and welcome to Connect. That must be frustrating having those two moles.

I wanted to share these two articles in hopes they can be helpful.

Mayo Clinic Mole:
MedNews Today – Can Moles Disappear?:

Have you had them looked at by a doctor?


Ever since I was a little kid, I've been "mole-y" just like my Dad. At my last total body check from my Dermatologist, she always looks at them and says, yep, they're just one of those things you got from your Dad. Gee …. thanks Dad! But it's definitely worth having a Derm. look at them. abby

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