DO i have tmj?

Posted by maxhowse @maxhowse, Feb 22, 2019

Hi yesterday i was doing multiple jawline definiton exercises and now whenever i move my jaw i hear a popping noise. Will this go away?

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@maxhowse Welcome to this community if caring people I think you should contact your Dr.


would a night guard help that. My dentist asked me if I grind at night as my 'well looked after' teeth are getting lines from top to bottom which indicates stress on them. I was fitted for a night guard for the top only .I asked him if it would stop me waking up with a banging headache which he said most probably.I have only had it 4 days and so far so good.


Hello @maxhowse, you may also want to check out the following discussion as well, Many members have shared their experience with TMJ and how they have gone about trying to help it.

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