Dizziness, blurriness, headache after exercise

Posted by willf1822 @willf1822, Nov 19, 2018

Hi guys new member here and first post! So I need help diagnosing what is wrong. I just went to hockey practice and during it after a couple simple drills I became very tired and my vision became blurry to the point I had to sit on the bench and take a break. I don't understand what was wrong with me considering everyone else on my team seemed fine going through the drills that weren't to tiring. To me I was out of breath almost like I have never conditioned before. I have been skating for at least 13-14 years and I am currently 18, but still I don't understand how I couldn't handle a couple of simple drills. Once practice was over my vision was still blurred and I developed a headache. I also couldn't stay focused on one person and hold a conversation. I don't think I have a concussion considering I never got hit in the head and my head never got bumped, but who knows. It may have also just been dehydration or overheating, I don't know. Currently I am typing this and my vision is still a little weird and I still have a mild headache whenever I move my head around. Let me know thanks! Sorry if this isn't that serious, just confused because this has never happened before during practice.

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I think you should go into an urgent care center. Have your pulse, heart rate, etc examined.
Didnt your coaches pick up on your condition…if you say out on the beach??


Check your glucose level.

Carol Pausz


Hello @willf1822, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I have no medical training or background but I agree with @dazlin that you should see a doctor and get checked out. Here are some links that may be helpful:

Mayo Clinic – Exercise headaches:

My Eyes Are Blurred & I Have a Headache After Exercise

@willf1822 has this happened before?



Hi @willf1822 and Welcome to Connect! As fellow members have mentioned it is always best to go to the doctor, and share these symptoms with them.

I wanted to share some articles with you to see if some of your symptoms line up.

Dehydration symptoms, causes: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/dehydration/symptoms-causes/syc-20354086

Dizziness: https://www.mayoclinic.org/symptoms/dizziness/basics/definition/sym-20050886

@willf1822 how are you feeling today? Did you go to an urgent care to get a checkup?

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