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Posted by @mysticgurl83 in Digestive Health, Jul 23, 2011

I recently got out of the hospital and got diagnosis with Diverticulitis. In my case there was a MICRO irruption in the pouch. Was in the hospital for a couple of with antibiotics then slowly they gave me drinks and food after the few days of no eating and drinking. I am currently home and I'm on a low-fiber, low-residue diet. I pretty much know I have to stay away from all seeds, whole grains, 100% whole wheat, ect..... I'm sooo confused on this diet that everything i see the word corn i stay away from. Like corn starch but pretty much everything has corn starch in it. Im so confused. I need a lot of help. Please someone help me. I need advice, guide, anything right now I can take. Im 28 yrs old just got out of the hospital and so clueless and frustrated on what im suppose to be doing. Any help, sites, advice, guides, anything right now would be great. I just need major help in starting a great plan on eating right. I already took the first step and start working out and drinking lots of water... Thanks.

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Posted by @rcrhagen, Jul 23, 2011

Hey MysticGurl83. I am three weeks post flare (my first). I am still following the mayo low residue diet as I am trying to find out what this is all about. My doc recommended adding in fiber slowly, so I have started with peeled apples and I take benefiber too. But - Drink tons of water. Also there are some very good diver discussions going on on the TOPIX forum. They were very helpful for me. I am sorry you have this. I am 50 and it hit me out of the blue. Take a deep breath and ask a ton of questions of your docs..but realize you know your body better then anyone. I was initally scared to death to eat but I am slowly adding things in. As an example for lunch today I had about 1/4 cup of rice, 2 ozs of lean chicken and some cooked green beans. Small meals work for me best. Your colon needs rest right now - don't push fiber too hard. I did last week and I feel it in my lower left side. Lastly, get a colonoscopy so your doc will know exactly what is going on - but wait 6 to 8 weeks as you don't want one now as you need to get over this flare up first. My colonoscopy is scheduled for Aug 24.


Posted by @mysticgurl83, Jul 23, 2011

thankyou soo much. I was starting to feel really alone out here. Since im only 28yrs old they told me it's rare to see young people getting this. I haven't schedule one yet my gastro i just got is running blood work and im getting a ege done and then he is scheduling me for a colonscopy later on. im just scare cause in the ingredients in food i keep seeing corn starch and wheat flour so i feel like im going crazy and keep cutting more food out. basically my meals are pretty much boiled eggs and slice toast bread for breakfast, lunch is usually ramon (1/2 pck and 1/2 powder season) or crackers with tuna, dinner is usually 1/2 cup rice with either baked porkchop .... Im a meat eater but i usually dont eat a lot of pork, i mainley eat ckn a lot and steake. usually my steake is always boiled and super soft...


Posted by @katniss, Jul 23, 2011



Posted by @mysticgurl83, Jul 23, 2011

@ Katniss. My mom is always with me to every visit now. She is always there which makes it kinda easier, just the food part is making me more sacred than anything. This whole thing is sooo confusing and two doctors told me already to just search online for diet plans and recieps online from others who got this, but it's sooo hard to even do cause I see the word wheat in it and i dont eat it. Or corn starch i wont touch it. every word i see that saids seeds, nuts, seed oil or corn oil i stay away. But Im glad i found this place out here! thanks


Posted by @jjp6466jennifer, Aug 7, 2011

do be very careful with what you eat and listen to your body and to your dr my hubby had this and it turned out really bad he has had to have a colostomy and been dealing with it for 2 years so listen drink plenty of water. he thought he was smarter then the drs/.


Posted by @josieb, Jul 25, 2011

I'm glad your doctor found what your problem is and has you on treatment. I was first diagnosed with diverticulitis about ten years ago. It is definitely very confusing and scary when you first learn about this condition, but with time living with it becomes easier. The best piece of advice I can give you: never forget you have diverticulitis. After you finish your treatment and the pain/fatigue goes away, it is sooo easy to eat something you shouldn't or forget to
drink water. For now, follow the diet and routine your doctor gives you so you recover. After that you take the next steps. #1 Drink water, #2 Don't eat anything with nuts or seeds - no raspberries, kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes, popcorn, peanuts, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, etc. (I also avoid sweet corn) How do I deal with the cravings? I have creamy peanut butter, use only seedless low-sugar fruit jams and drink fruit juices, and seed tomatoes used on sandwiches and salads, . What do I do when I eat out? I ask questions and make requests. "Are there seeds on the buns you use?" "Could I have the sandwich on a plain bun? "Please leave the tomatoe slice off." "Are there sesame seeds in the stir fry?" Mostly, it's just thinking about what you are eating. Good luck with your treatment and enjoy a healthy life.

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