Posted by oceanone @oceanone, Fri, Oct 4 7:57am

When I have an attack pain left quadrant abdomen under left flank at the back (the worst pain) even pain in my left hip I try to do bowel rest for 3 days trying to avoid antibiotics if that does not work I start an antibiotic treatment witj probiotics (to protect my intestinal flora from the antibiotics) but I need to continue to be on a liquid diet until I can slowly re-introduce sôlid food which can take many days. My problem is that I become so weak with this regimen that I also become confused. I cannot take productd like ensure because they contain lactose nor energy drinks because they contain sucrose,
Is there anyone in my situation & in the affirmative what do you do beside going to the ER & wait for hours to get an intravenous solute!
Would very much appreciate your input!

Hello oceanone. I find that I can go on soft foods, instead of liquids only, to give my colon a rest. I drink Smart water to keep hydrated without depleting my electrolytes. That usually is enough without antibiotics.

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