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Posted by @justfine01 in Digestive Health, Mar 17, 2012

Was dx w/ diverticulosis 3 yrs. ago after colonoscopy.
Had an attack this week.Gastro dr. suggests partial removal of colon.
Does this seem too radical since I have had only one attack.


Posted by @toni, Mar 17, 2012

Yes. You don't know if you'll ever have another episode. I think after a few more episodes, you'll have a clearer picture, and, hopefully, you won't have any more. I've just come off my fourth and am seriously considering surgery. I've had to cancel too many trips and am tired of not being able to make plans.
Best of luck.


Posted by @joyce22w, Jun 1, 2012

I too have been struggling with diverticulitis for numerous years.

If not taken care of you eventually will end up with some kind of surgery to remove the pouch’s that is causing the pain and inflammation.

I had what was called hand assisted sigmoid (literally cutting you open and pulling out your colon/intestine and cutting it off) in December 2009. Can I say it was easy? No. Do I feel better? Yes. Unfortunately I was advised after surgery that it wasn’t only in the lower part of the colon as originally thought I have pockets all through the colon/intestine.

I stay on a strict diet of no raw vegetables, no fresh fruit, no peanuts, pop-corn, any thing with a hull, no spice (salt and pepper are my best friend), no hot items, as in salsa, green peppers (any peppers), no salads, the list is endless. Is it hard? Yes. I have sampled a few of the above only to pay a dear price for it and it’s not worth the pain. If I chose to go back to the old habits then I chose to have all of my colon/intestine removed.

Because you are not having regular attacks you could follow the above listed for items not to eat a couple of weeks to get it under control. Then you can slowly add an item back. If this item irritates your system mark it off the list for awhile.

Trust me; don’t be as stubborn as I was as I lived on mashed potatoes and baby food way too long. If you can get a hold of it in the early stages life will be so much better.

I wish you luck and understand your pain! High fiber can be your best friend and dairy can be your worst. Hang in there.


Posted by @aglassofsherry, Mar 18, 2012

I agree with Toni. Surgery seems extreme. I have diverticulosis which was discovered on a colonoscopy, and have just been somewhat careful about not eating seeds and haven't had any attacks since. When I have problems, I take Miralax for awhile and eat a lot of fiber, and it eventually gets better.Hope this helps!


Posted by @ccosci, Apr 7, 2012

I have this as well was going to urgent care often even after eliminating seeds and nuts. Found out that Gluten and dairy was a main contributor. Eliminated them out of my diet and never went back to urgent care.


Posted by @suzanna, Jul 24, 2012

Hi justfine01
Doesn't sound like you are fine. Yes, i too believe that surgery may be a bit premature.
I was diagnosed in 1994 with this malady. Did not start having problems though intil about 7 yrs ago. My first infection was a doozy and have had 5 or so since. Have had many GI drs. But none were anxious to take it out. It all depends on your particular situation.
I found that not all sources of fiber are beneficial, in that not all fibrous foods are easy to digest. I don't eat much in the way of raw veggies. I do eat nuts but make sure they are chewed very well. Popcorn is avoided. I find that one very forgiving source of fiber is GREENS. Leafy greens are great for fiber content and seem to digest well. I also take a digestive enzyme when feeling like my system has become irritated from food. Avoid fatty foods.
Have discovered that one huge trigger for me is STRESS. A few days of that and I am down with pain. You may just have to experiment on yourself to find what your triggers are. BUT do adhere to a good healthy diet and keep THINGS moving.

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