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Digestive problems results in weight loss of greater the 50lbs within 1 year

Posted by @kclark05388, Jun 1, 2012

Im 25 and have essentially been healthy minus a few sinus infections up to a year ago last May when I was rushed to the er (oh which I was admitted for 8 days). I woke up with intense vomitting and diarrhea, I could not old anything in including water, a friend rushed me to the er about 12 hrs later when I had become septic And developed a kidney infection on top of it all. The doctors removed my gall bladder assuming that was the problem. However I was not able to keep food in my system ..about feb of 2012 I made an appt with a new GI who agreed that my symptoms of a 50+ weight loss, nausea and vomitting, severe pain in my upper stomach and left quadrant after practically every meal was not normal.

A recent ct scan show intussuston however whe they retested a week later with a small bowel follow thru, they did not see a blockage and determined this was not the issue. I can old down liquids but solids don’t seem to want to digest. I will throw p solid foods from hours earlier in the day. I’m currently semi diagnosed with gastroparesis but I’m not confident that’s the issue…

If anyone has suffered the same symptoms I’d like to hear your story. I’m so miserable…I’ve gone from 169 lbs to 121 lbs within 1 year…which is a great weight loss but not ideal!



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Posted by @gail214, Sep 11, 2012

try aloe vera gel dietary supplement a hour before you eat and dont eat solids like steak or chicken or hamburger and no spicy foods you can purchase this at gnc health store. i have simular problem to yours. and this helps


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Posted by @anon80379247, Mar 16, 2013

I do have Gastro paresis and had the stomach pacemaker implanted three years ago on st Patrick’s day . The pacer has to be adjusted to find the correct calibration and that has been trial and error . I’m better as far as the vomiting goes but you always have to stay on the GP diet . I have gained back the 100 lbs I had lost but I attribute that to the high calorie diet and high carbs . My energy level sucks and I have multiple other issues and its a tough walk but I’m still walking . By the way my lowest weight was 87lbs

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