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digestive issue

Posted by @andor, Jul 23, 2012

I am wondering if anyone can help me pin point whats wrong. I was having major pain and bloating in stomach very distended. Sulfer smelling burps and gas, diahrea and vomiting. Went to dr. They put me on priolsec daily was about 3u mo ago. Seemed to be better but now its starting to happen again. Symptoms milder with no pain but still happening. Cant tell if its what i am eating or if it is something else. I also am diabetic. Might matter not sure. Pretty well controlled but weekly bg average is about 145.



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Posted by @tiaradee, Jul 23, 2012

You should see a gastroenterologist and do a stool test. You could have giardia which can cause all of those symptoms.

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