Diet and Nutrition after urostomy, Re-introducing regular foods

Posted by bnthrjay @bnthrjay, Sep 3, 2020

Our research and what we’ve been told said to follow a low fiber diet for a month to several weeks after surgery. Rather than depend on the internet for information (although I have researched the NIH, NIDDK, Mayo’s site and other reputable health organizations, we are looking for guidance from registered dietitian/nutritionist about adding high fiber foods back to the diet. Also, we need to know which foods are to be avoided for life (such as popcorn, corn, nuts, seeds and so on.) Being mostly vegetarian, makes it particularly challenging, as a daily diet has over 35 gm of fiber!

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@bnthrjay, I added your post to the Ostomy group as well as the Caregivers group. You can see all the discussions of the Ostomy group here:

Here you can learn from fellow members living with an ostomy/urostomy, like @katydid77 @jshollett @engelee @dragonass @jeannepasquinucci and others about their experiences in reintroducing food after surgery. @candywocrn also posted this blog by a Mayo dietitian:
– Ostomy Diet After Surgery

@bnthrjay, how long ago did your loved one have surgery for the urostomy? What foods were tolerated so far? Are you staying away from raw fruits and vegetables for the moment still?

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