Did you experience growth of fat around your middle with Exemestane?

Posted by schullin572 @schullin572, May 8 9:23pm

My oncologist recently switched me to Exemestane from Anastrozole because of foot tendon pain from tarsal tunnel syndrome. Now I have a large amount of fat tissue settling around my middle. It's only been two months and I swear my middle grows every day. Have you had this experience with exemestane? What did you do about it?

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I started exemestane about 3 months ago. My unexplained side effect is high blood sugar. My internist changed my Trulity dosage. It is finally coming down to a normal range again. I noticed I’m hungry and I’m fighting the urges to eat!! I’m not putting on weight but I definitely have more of a stomach than I did before starting the AI inhibitors. I have been on them 2 and 1/2 years. What did your oncologist tell you when you ask?


I don't see my oncologist until July but I feel I need to start addressing this or I will be huge. I will talk to my GP and see if he can test for low blood sugar. As that might be what's going on with me. I'm experiencing joint pain and fatigue also but it's the weight around my middle that's really bringing me down. Thanks for responding.

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