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Posted by @nancyd, Oct 28, 2011

My blood sugar dropped to 0.1 my husband found me 6 hours later called 911. Nothing could be found wrong with any of my organs. I have DID, my therapist said one of my parts tried to kill me. did anyone ever have anything similar?



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Posted by @dmdouglass, Dec 12, 2011

Im sorry i dont know what did is. But i have a problem called reactive hypoglycemia. its also called post prandial hypoglycemia. Basically depending on what i eat , mainly if its a carb, my body reacts to it and produces too much insuline and my sugar drops horribly. I have to eat every 1-1/2 hours, mainly protein and vegetables, so my sugar doesnt drop.


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Posted by @kecsystem, Dec 17, 2011

I have DID and some parts are suicidal. I’m not sure how the parts could make your blood sugar so low, but it would be entirely possible for one to make you not eat or eat the wrong thing.

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