Diatomaceous earth food grade

Posted by clarity2012 @clarity2012, Oct 19, 2022

Has anyone had positive results using Diatomaceous earth FG for arthritis?

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Hello @clarity2012 and welcome to May Connect. We are a community of people working at living our best lives in spits of physical conditions, and many of us consider a variety of supplements along the way.

When I saw you question about Diatomaceous earth, I was intrigued because I have osteoarthritis just about everywhere. So I went searching, and found dozens of ads and blogs touting DE as a treatment or cure for lots of problems, but no scientific evidence or published studies of actual unbiased tests of its use for arthritis.
I did find this article from a source that is open to considering alternative treatments:
It says, in part,
"Marketing for diatomaceous earth supplements makes some pretty substantial health claims. However, health claims for dietary supplements are unregulated by the FDA, which means there is no guarantee of safety, effectiveness, potency, or purity of any supplement, including D.E.
Because of the lack of evidence-based nutrition research, it's not recommended to take D.E. supplements at this time. But there are other ways to boost your intake of silica by consuming certain foods and beverages containing this mineral.
Silica is a mineral that's essential to the formation of collagen in your body, but rather than taking a D.E. supplement, nutrition experts recommend choosing foods that are high in silica such as:
Bananas and dried fruit, Beans (certain types), Beer and wine (in moderation), Dairy and meat products, Green beans, Mineral and spring water, Nuts and seeds, Oats, Rice, Tea and coffee, Wheat…"

Where did you learn about DE, and what other treatments have you tried?


I agree with Sue. I've seen claims for DE as helpful for all kinds of things, frequently mentioned as a magical 'detox' thing. And I think it ends up in some so-called colon 'cleanse' stuff because it, supposedly, kind of vacuums junk out of the GI tract as it meanders through the digestive (or not) process. I'd be careful about it as there's a kind if snake-oil history to it being sold as a miracle cure thing since the 1900s so, if buying it, buy from a long-established company selling interstate (thus falling under Federal interstate commerce regs). There have been cases of people selling 'miracle' earth and clay products that had high levels of radiation contaminants. So the actual source if the stuff would be very important.

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