Diaphragm tightness, rib and sternum pain

Posted by sherry123 @sherry123, Mar 9, 2022

Started to get very tight diaphragm a few year's ago, rib and sternum pain, inhaling/ exhaling painful, spine pain also ( MRI) showed nothing but some wear. Breathing has become shallow, alot of pain in upper abdomen, have chronic pain and fatigue, Doc's say its all part of Fybromyalgia and so don't do anymore testing..muscles along my spine are very tight and painful , exhausted !

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This sounds like an opportunity to pursue some pain management strategies. Fibromyalgia is a type of Central Sensitization Syndrome (CSS) which often can be helped by a comprehensive pain management program (this is not a "drug program " but a way to learn to minimize pain through a variety of strategies) . Maybe you can find one near you, or Mayo offers a 3 week program in MN and FL. You can search here, I am not good at posting links from my phone, but will try to do it tonight when I get home.

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