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~ diagnosis? ~

Posted by @amberpep in Brain & Nervous System, Jul 29, 2012

Hi everyone. A friend of mine has been struggling with his wife - memory, behavior, etc. - for a few years now and it's gotten progressively worse. She's had angry outbursts toward him, both physical and verbal. He has taken her to all the doctors in our area from Psychiatrists, to Neurologists, to Neurosurgeons, and all they can tell him is that she has a very rare brain disease which affects both the frontal and lateral lobes .... there is no cure. It apparently isn't Alzheimers.
We live very close to one of the top hospitals in the country and after waiting months he was able to get an appt. for her to be seen. It will be an all day session, but they have been assured they will have a diagnosis for them, and what lies ahead for her.
Does anyone have any idea what this is? It's been very hard for him to deal with and I know that when they at least have a real diagnosis, while it won't change anything, they will at least know.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Posted by @piglit, Jul 29, 2012

Hi Brb. I have seen these kind of symptoms that have been realted to dementia, alheimers's but this has been ruled out with the specialist. Unfortunatley your dear friend will have to wait to see what the specialist states this is and how it can be more manageably treated. Your friend will be in my thoughts and prayers. Please let me know how things go Take care Piglit


Posted by @amberpep, Aug 3, 2012

Hi all .... well, after spending all day at the hospital, they were told they have to come back for still more testing. They're very frustrated and, I think, scared. I would be too.


Posted by @piglit, Aug 3, 2012

My thoughts are with you and your dear friend at this present time. It can be so scarey and it. It the fear of just not knowing, and the frustration would only naturally add to these emotions. Take care Piglit

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