Diagnosed with gallbladder cancer spread to liver

Posted by vsmith @vsmith, Jan 12, 2016

Diagnosed with gallbladder cancer which was removed. Cancer spread to liver and several lymph nodes. I am 79 years old. Need to know how much pain is involved in final stages.

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Hi @vsmith and welcome to Connect.
I’d like to introduce you to @sue_in_delaware. She has colon cancer that has also spread to the liver. She talks about the treatment she is getting on this thread https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/does-anyone-have-experience-with-receiving-tace-or-sirspheres-which-are-2/

Every person is different and it is difficult to predict how much pain there will be. You can read some information about what to expect as cancer progresses on this site http://www.virtualhospice.ca/en_US/Main+Site+Navigation/Home/Support/Support/Asked+and+Answered/What+to+Expect+with+Various+Illnesses/Cancer.aspx

Do you have pain now? May I ask, do you live on your own or do you have someone near by with you?


Hi @vsmith, this is Sheryl, a nurse and educator with Mayo Clinic Cancer Center. I want to encourage you to be open and communicate your concerns about pain to your care team. You may want to ask for a palliative care team consult as this group can look at all of your symptoms and manage pain so that your quality of life is as great as it can be during this time. Here is a link to a few resources on palliative care – http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/cancer/expert-blog/reframing-hope-with-palliative-care/bgp-20156454
Please reach out to me if you have other questions. I am glad that you are searching for answers and looking for support.

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