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Posted by gshlager @gshlager, May 10 12:25pm

I was diagnosed with colitis during a screening colonoscopy and my GI seems fairly convinced based on the location of the inflammation and the pathology reports that is Crohns.

I had what I would describe as mild symptoms back in November before the colonoscopy which consisted of moderate cramping and bloating, intolerance to certain food, and mild constipation. I did not have any diarrhea.

I changed my diet and began taking supplements (omega3, probiotic, curcumin, etc.) and the issues seemed to resolved after about 3 weeks.

Since then I have had isolated flare ups which usually consist on mild cramping and in some cases moderate back and hip pain (not sure if this is crohns or just ordinary aches and pains of being 61), and they have mostly resolved within a few days.

I have a follow up appointment with my GI at the end of the month, and he instructed me to have a calprotectin stool test to gauge the level of inflamation (my understanding anyway).

I am interested in knowing the experience of others who have been diagnosed with crohns at an older age, and also what types of medications are used for those with mild to moderate symptoms.

Thanks you ….

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I am very sorry for you Crohn’s is not been easy to deal at 62 and now 64 I have a great doctor . I am surprised you can have curcumin because for me aggravates even more my diarrhea.
I am having infusions which since last year was working great but my doctor and I have made a decision to try something different with less fatigue and didn’t work at all and got me off of remission. Went back to Remicade infusion but still out of remission, end up at ER twice after both infusions . Now I am even afraid to eat in special when I am working because the bathrooms is very far away and urgency is a nerve wracking.
Crohn’s disease is no joke and hard causing depression and anxiety over urgencies .
Glad your case is mild mine isn’t maybe stress of life , work and elderly husband and mother . My doctor is awesome and IBD NP is a sweet lady helps me a lot too .
I am very sensitive to a lots of food in special if they have a hint of spice etc my food must be plain , little salt , very small portions , no salads or salad dressing. Very hard to eat when it is so many restrictions. Avocado is good . Good luck and hope your Crohn’s continue to be mild , mine isn’t and it is located at end of my small intestine beginning of my colon .


@gshlager, I modified the title of your discussion to reflect the connection you'd like to make. I hope you also saw the reply from @lucismith

Gshlager, while the diagnosis of Crohn's is new for you, have you had digestive issues for a long time. What led to your having a colonoscopy?


@colleenyoung ,

Thanks for the reply.

Back in November I was having mild to moderate cramping and I saw a bit of blood when I wiped which really freaked me out, so I called my primary and she ordered a occult fecal test which came back negative but she still recommended that I have a colonoscopy (I had done Cologuard in the past), and since it was considered a preventative screening it was not scheduled until the end of March.

The colonoscopy detected one small polyp which was benign, diverticulitis (not active), and colitis of the large intestine.

My GI doctor suspected Crohns, and ordered additional tests, include calprotectin stool test and a complete GI blood panel, and scheduled a follow up appointment for the end of this month.

The tests appear to have confirmed Crohns (I read test results on the patient portal), and my doctor suggested that he may prescribe mesalamin.

I have been fortunate so far in that my symptoms have been mild (cramping, mild constipation, small amounts of blood occasionally), and I have committed to making life style changes in terms of diet, exercise, supplements, and stress management.

I'm hoping that the combination of lifestyle changes and medication will keep the disease from progressing.


@gshlager, I modified the title of your discussion to reflect the connection you'd like to make. I hope you also saw the reply from @lucismith

Gshlager, while the diagnosis of Crohn's is new for you, have you had digestive issues for a long time. What led to your having a colonoscopy?

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I have had many Gastro issues , ulcers , diverticulitis twice which results in colon resection, I have IBS , and now Crohn’s .
My former gastro did only the sigmoid which was not precise diagnosis. Once I was recommended by another doctor to go to actual gastro that is absolutely awesome doctor , he said full colonoscopy is required to do a precise diagnosis and that was done and biopsy both confirmed Crohn’s disease which has been a nightmare for quite several years that went without diagnosis.
Also I had 5 times C Diff bacteria which is very contagious and dangerous in my case was all severe case .
I have reflux, I also have gastroparesis which is not easy sometimes.
I don’t have appetite and eat very small portions with caution because I don’t ever know what is going to cause problems with all my issues .
So you can see I have a long list and lots of experience in digestive and abdomen problems .


I have forgotten to say that I had also 2 small intestine obstruction . So many issues that makes me forget about some that happened in the past . Also I have a syndrome of the burning tongue totally nightmare.


I had a routine regular 5 year colonoscopy and they found ulcers in my intestine. I took mild steroids for a month and had another colonoscopy. The ulcers were gone but then my gastro said I had Chrons disease. I had not really had stomach problems before this began and I just have occasional cramping which is mild and I take dicyclomine and it works. I’m just not sure what to expect and not sure how she diagnosed Chrons with no stomach problems. I am now modifying my diet but all she said was cut out red meat, which I didn’t eat much of anyway. I’m 72 and otherwise pretty fit. What can I expect to happen)

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