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Diabetes High and Low blood pressure and High and Low blood sugars

Posted by @ladyhawke, Aug 18, 2012

I am wondering why my husband Elmer’s blood pressure is low one day, then high the next. And more than that, I am wondering why his blood sugar can be
high one day, and the next day low. Since he neither reads nor writes, I am the
one that takes care of his foods, especially sugars. He drinks water, but I am
wondering if he is drinking of it during the day. I really need some help with
this, as his blood sugar can be around 175 or 190, then goes up to 215 or
even a little higher. I don’t believe he is snacking when I go to bed at night,
but can’t be sure of that either. HELP!!!



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Posted by @piglit, Aug 18, 2012

Hi ladyhawke. I am a high care aged worker and have assisted people with diabetes. It is really important if you can to try to have the blood sugar levels checked as sometimes they can go unstable. It can be hard to regulate this at times. If he does’t like the dr’s then maybe see if you can arrange a nurse to come and check on the levels for you. As for the high and low blood pressure this needs to also be monitored and checked . Sometimes an adjustment I have seen in medications that would have to be arranged by his dr can settle this down. You will be in my thoughts and please let me know how things go. Take care Piglit


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Posted by @bettyann, Aug 20, 2012

Totally agree with what Piglit has said. I want to ask you about the blood pressure device…sometimes those automatic ones are not accurate at ALL…nothing replaces the good ol cuff and stethoscope… Blood sugars will vary… It sounds like you need to visit with his doctor and maybe he needs another evaluation…Other meds he is taking along with the BP meds could cause a variance, too. Good luck!

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