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I feel like I am losing my mind. Anxiety and depressing is my problem. I worry about things that are not happening all the time. Got a cscan and 4 doctors say I don't have a lesion on my liver one doctor says "coninsidently" found a lesion. I had it looked into and the other doctor said there is not lesion. What can I do next? Patti worry and anxiety

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@catmom777 Glad you are here. It can be a place of support and learning. Loneliness and depression is a hurdle some of us face daily. I would that I had a way to take this from others as well as myself. Distraction can only go so far. Add health issues and it can be even more of a challenge. I also live alone. I have family close by and it doesn't help as everyone is busy and something more added is not well received. Be kind to yourself and do what you can to take care of your health.
Again, welcome.

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Thank you. After I get this afib handled and get used to it, I am thinking about volunteering at the SPCA and maybe another organization. That will help with the isolation and make me feel like I'm contributing to society also.
This morning I'm going to a funeral for an 87 yr old Korean War hero that I did some work for years ago, before Parkinsons put him in a facility for seven years. He was brave and took his illness head on. He was an inspiration. Lived in pain from shrapnel since the war but persevered until dementia from his disease took over his mind.
Stories of resilience help me.


@gingerw, @parus, @catmom777 was originally in another group and I invited her to this group. Sorry for the confusion.

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@merpreb Yes I found her post earlier in Just want to talk and did welcome her earlier

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