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Depression & Pain

Posted by @bbs, Sep 23, 2011

My body has been in so much pain over the last 2 years and they say its because Im depressed. But yet nothing they seem to do helps. Im about to lose my mind over this, I dont know how much more pain I can take.
Has anyone gone to the Mayo Clinic for depression? If so whats it like?



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Posted by @lovie, Oct 24, 2011

Call Mayo Clinic and make an appointment to see a doctor who specializes in Fibromyalgia. You may find your answer to your pain.


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Posted by @jcc, Nov 5, 2011

Hi BBS, I agree with Lovie. Make an appointment with a Rheumatoligist (they are the only doctors who is experienced and ‘accepted’ in diagnosing Fibromyalgia. I’ve had Fibro(for short) for over 7 years, long before it was an ‘accepted’ diagnosis. Fortunately I didn’t have a regular doctor telling me it ‘was all in my head’. But she was at a loss for what was wrong and BELIEVED me when I said smthing was wrong. One of the symptoms that boggled me, was anytime someone wld try to touch me, especially on shoulders, I cringed, it hurt so bad. The best way for me to describe the feeling was, (as if I had a sunburn) even tho I didn’t. That’s how sensitive to pain, besides the aches all over the body. I looked up symptons and had a hard time finding anything on Fibro. But now it is well accepted as a true dibilatating (sp?) problem, and sure enough, that is what I had. I was also depressed, so to start with and to keep yourself from going crazy (no pun intended), go see a Rhem Dr. ONLY, and get yourself checked out right away. They check you on a ‘scale’ system. Good Luck!

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